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 10 Kourvissianou street, 27300 Gastouni - GREECE

 +30 2623033770 / +30 2623033650

European Programs’ Organization and Hosting Centre

C.O.P.A.E. ILIS started its activity about twenty years ago, at the initiative of Leila El Alaoui (teacher of French as a Foreign Language -FLE Français langue étrangère) who was the founder of the Languages Centre.


Because of the desire to develop exchanges going beyond learning languages, C.O.P.A.E. ILIS got into European mobility adventure in 2010.


Up to date the company coordinates hosting and sending young trainees and professionals in “Lifelong Learning” programs from and to Greece as well as from and to most European countries.

Our aims and values : 

  • Facilitating and promoting the exchange of ideas and the intercultural dialogue between young European citizens

  • Supporting formal and non-formal education as well as professional training

  • Promoting Hellenic and European culture

  • Encouraging innovating proposals as well as project promoters

Our activities : 

  • Accompanying and supporting educational and professional Mobility

  • Organizing cultural and linguistic residencies

  • Creating cultural events

  • Hosting young people (trainees, interns, students, volunteers) and tourists

  • Organizing seminars and workshops

  • Organizing congresses/conferences and cultural events

  • Organizing summer camps

  • Youth Exchange - European classes

Some of the students : 

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